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Welcome to trialspotting™, the new online information service for people interested in participating in health and medical research.

trialspotting™ is a convenient, free and easy way to find out who is conducting a research project, when and where it’s on, who can volunteer and what you would need to do to take part.


Researchers around the world work on health and medical research projects designed to improve people’s lives. Whether it is investigating the cause of disease, developing new treatments or testing new equipment, the ongoing quest for knowledge requires the participation of people from all walks of life.

Volunteering for health and medical research is a great way to learn more about your own condition, obtain access to new and innovative treatments, or simply make a valuable contribution to health care.

By using trialspotting™ you can join the thousands of people who contribute to advances in human health every day.


It’s simple, researchers list details of clinical trials that need volunteers and we in turn offer an easy-to-search online directory. trialspotting™ provides basic information about each project and contact details if you are interested in participating.

Anyone can use trialspotting™ to search for a suitable project anytime. You can also set up a free email service and receive regular email alerts based on your own search criteria e.g. if you are interested in arthritis research then you will only receive emails telling you when a new arthritis study has been listed.

All research projects listed on trialspotting™ are approved by specially appointed ‘Ethics Committees’. These committees are made up of health care experts, lawyers, religious ministers and community representatives to ensure the research project is safe, worthwhile and conducted according to international standards.


Sandblasting Your Home for an Even Paint Job

Without a doubt, one of the most frustrating jobs a homeowner has is removing the old paint from their house with the goal of getting down to the bare wood. It is a time-consuming job, it’s a boring job, and in some cases it can even be a dangerous job. But it is something that has to be done, especially if the old layer of paint is crackled and if it is peeling away. Just putting a fresh coat of paint over the old paint is not enough to fix the problem.

To get the results needed, you need to have your house completely stripped using a sandblaster machine or having the work actually done by a professional sandblaster. When a professional sandblaster comes to your home, they’re going to have a powerful air compressor and a ton of sand. You will watch in amazement as they literally use the sand to blast the peeling paint right off the side of your home.

Abrasive Blasting by Vacublast is so aggressive that it not only gets rid of the old paint, but it can actually get rid of a thin layer of wood siding. This is a good thing because it leaves you with a fresh and clean surface to work from. It makes adding on that new layer of paint a whole lot easier.

That being said, if you’re thinking about hiring a professional sandblaster or if you’re thinking about doing sandblasting yourself, there are a few precautions you want to keep in mind. For example, if looking to hire a professional, there is nothing wrong with getting a couple of quotes to make sure you get the best price for the job. Specify if the sandblasting will include your windows and trim or if it’s just the siding. The reason why it’s important to specify this is because window and trim work is not usually done with the sandblaster gun, instead it needs to be done by hand and so it can increase the price.

If you’re doing the work yourself, remember that sandblasting is a dirty job. There’s going to be debris around your house, in the gutters, and some might even find its way into your home. With a little bit of prep, you can minimize the amount of after work cleanup you’ll have to do.

If you’re hiring someone else to do the sandblasting, make sure that they will clean up after themselves. You do not want to spend a bunch of money out-of-pocket only to have the annoying task of cleaning up after someone.

If you are going to be sandblasting your home yourself, investigate the wood carefully to make sure that your house is suitable for sandblasting. If the professional is doing the job, they should be responsible for guaranteeing that your house is suitable for sandblasting.

As a homeowner, you know that a new coat of paint can make all the difference in the world. In order for that coat of paint to really make the exterior of your house shine, it needs to be applied on a smooth surface.

Buying Synthetic Grass In Sydney

The Advantages Of Buying Synthetic Grass Online In Sydney

Having a lawn in your backyard is a great way to create the ideal place to unwind after a long working day. In addition to the utilitarian benefits, a lawn has some aesthetic qualities. However, these benefits come at a high cost that includes investing in the expensive grass, irrigation, mowing, and other maintenance practices. Fortunately, the synthetic grass offers a cost-effective alternative without sacrificing the benefits. While the synthetic grass was popular in the sporting arenas a few decades ago, its popularity has spread to the residential neighborhoods. When it comes to buying artificial grass online Sydney dealers provide plenty of options. With so much beauty and pleasure to offer, this gardening option is becoming extremely popular.

Save money on maintenance
If you are looking to enjoy your garden without investing too much money and time on maintenance, then the synthetic grass will suit your perfectly. Considering that the market has many options to choose from, you can select the grass that suits your requirements in terms of color and texture. However, if you love the idea of watering and cutting g the lawn, you should install the natural grass. When buying Artificial Grass Online Sydney landscapers will help you to avoid the common pitfalls. Synthetic grass is popular among the organizations and homeowners that want to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful garden without spending too much time and money on maintenance. When you are buying artificial grass online Sydney landscapers will give you the information you require.

Cost savings
Once you install the synthetic grass, you do not have to worry about the maintenance practice such as mowing and watering. When it comes to buying artificial grass online Sydney landscapers will analyze your specific needs. Besides saving the cost of water, you do not have to invest in a lawn mower. Since you will reduce the maintenance operations significantly, you will also save on the storage space. If you have a conventional garden, you need plenty of space to store the lawn mowers, pesticides, fertilizers, and irrigation equipment. Considering that you need to make the most of the available space, reducing your overall storage requirements is vital. Besides saving on the storage space, you do not have to buy the expensive fertilizers and weed killers. Whenever you are buying artificial grass online Sydney contractors will help you during the installation process.

Other benefits of synthetic grass
The synthetic grass is resilient, meaning that it will tolerate a lot of abuse. Such qualities are vital if you want to reduce the cost of maintenance in the high-traffic areas such as golf courses and other sports fields. When buying artificial grass online Sydney consultants have the expertise you need to implement your project. While you do not have to mow the synthetic grass, it will always look manicured and beautiful. Even if you install the grass in a relatively flat surface, it drains perfectly. As such, you do not have to worry of the water puddles that can pose some risks. Since the synthetic turf is long-lasting, you do not have to incur the cost of replanting or replacement. If you are buying artificial grass online Sydney landscapers will help you in every step of the way.

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Women’s Boots

Women’s Boots

Today boots are not just for the trail. Women’s boots go to work, out dancing, and to fancy restaurants. Yes- there are still trail boots available, but they are not the ugly, clunky boots of yesteryear. These boots are stylish, with elaborately stitched designs.

If you feel like stepping out in style, a good pair of boots is a great accessory. Whether you choose thigh-high, calf length, or ankle boots, there is something for you. Shiny leather with a high heel will call attention to great legs in a mini-skirt. Ankle Brand House Direct Womens Boots add the feel and look you love with your office pants. Do you want to go two-stepping this weekend? A great pair of cowboy boots will go with any jeans.

Some women even use boots to cover figure flaws. Are your ankles fatter than you would like? Hide those ankles in a pair of boots. If your calves are bigger, there are pairs of boots with elastic pieces sewn in. These stretch to allow for bigger, muscular calves. Zippers also make them easy to fit over fuller legs.

Boots are also used to add bling to your wardrobe. Zippers, buckles, pull-ons, boots are so easy to mix and match with your favorite outfits. Embellishments like wedge heels, skinny and chunky heels, metal accents, studs, furs and leather- the options are endless. Suedes, patents, mixed materials- you will be ready for a rock concert or a business meeting.

Step into one of the many options today. Your only problem will be deciding which boots to take home.

Youth Insearch Is Saving The Lives Of At-Risk Youth

Youth Insearch Is Saving The Lives Of At-Risk Youth

Youth Insearch is an innovative group counselling programme that was designed in 1985 to combat very serious issues that at-risk youth face. The most unique aspect of the programme is that it is designed to allow trained students who have graduated from the programme to return as group counsellors. This method of application has proven to be a very effective strategy because the students who have graduated can relate to the new enrollees in a very dynamic way.

The programme was established to save lives; meaning, the core base of enrolled students come from environments that are rooted in violence, poverty and abuse. The students come from a diverse racial and ethnic background and range in ages from 12 to 17 years old. The student enrollees are selected from a variety of community sources, which include welfare agencies, police departments and public schools.

The objective of the programme is to launch a pre-emptive effort to steer the at-risk children away from crime, substance abuse and suicide. The programme curriculum also attempts to build the self-esteem of student participants as well as promoting family values and helping the children excel in their academic studies.

The peer-to-peer group system is praised for being effective in breaking the cycle of decline among youth who have been exposed to harsh conditions. The group system was actually devised by students who thought it would be a more effective method than having a traditional one-on-one counselling session.

How to Choose a Perfect Web Design Company in Melbourne

How to Choose a Perfect Web Design Company in Melbourne

Having an impressive website is the first step to marketing your business and establishing a brand. The online market carries the biggest number of potential clients and every company is coming up with strategies to claim a portion of the market. Therefore, when you are planning to earn popularity for your business, online marketing is a tool you can easily use to achieve your goals. This begins with choosing a web design company in Melbourne. Although there are hundreds of companies you can hire for web design in Melbourne, you need to select professionals with experience in what you would like integrated on your website. 

The experience record of most website design Melbourne at is what sets them separate from their rivals. Some well established companies understand the advantages of offering quality services to their clients, so being one of them you will stand a chance of getting a website that will fulfill your plans. Check to ensure the company has been in business for many years and that most people who have ordered with them are happy. 

Customer support even after design and installation is necessary. The online arena keeps growing and changes happening every day. You need to hire a company that will take you through the whole journey. When you need to roll out an upgrade, the company should come to your rescue. Simply search for information from friends regarding reliable web design Melbourne firms that offer customers support all through the journey of establishing a responsive website. 

Check on costs to ensure what is charged is fair and within the set budget for your project. Beware of unscrupulous companies that offer hidden charges that you will realize later after placing an order with them. Seek full clarification about costs before placing an order with any company to avoid undue frustrations.