Participate in health and medical research your guide to current opportunities

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Welcome to trialspotting™, the new online information service for people interested in participating in health and medical research.

trialspotting™ is a convenient, free and easy way to find out who is conducting a research project, when and where it’s on, who can volunteer and what you would need to do to take part.


Researchers around the world work on health and medical research projects designed to improve people’s lives. Whether it is investigating the cause of disease, developing new treatments or testing new equipment, the ongoing quest for knowledge requires the participation of people from all walks of life.

Volunteering for health and medical research is a great way to learn more about your own condition, obtain access to new and innovative treatments, or simply make a valuable contribution to health care.

By using trialspotting™ you can join the thousands of people who contribute to advances in human health every day.


It’s simple, researchers list details of clinical trials that need volunteers and we in turn offer an easy-to-search online directory. trialspotting™ provides basic information about each project and contact details if you are interested in participating.

Anyone can use trialspotting™ to search for a suitable project anytime. You can also set up a free email service and receive regular email alerts based on your own search criteria e.g. if you are interested in arthritis research then you will only receive emails telling you when a new arthritis study has been listed.

All research projects listed on trialspotting™ are approved by specially appointed ‘Ethics Committees’. These committees are made up of health care experts, lawyers, religious ministers and community representatives to ensure the research project is safe, worthwhile and conducted according to international standards.

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