Youth Insearch Is Saving The Lives Of At-Risk Youth

Youth Insearch Is Saving The Lives Of At-Risk Youth

Youth Insearch is an innovative group counselling programme that was designed in 1985 to combat very serious issues that at-risk youth face. The most unique aspect of the programme is that it is designed to allow trained students who have graduated from the programme to return as group counsellors. This method of application has proven to be a very effective strategy because the students who have graduated can relate to the new enrollees in a very dynamic way.

The programme was established to save lives; meaning, the core base of enrolled students come from environments that are rooted in violence, poverty and abuse. The students come from a diverse racial and ethnic background and range in ages from 12 to 17 years old. The student enrollees are selected from a variety of community sources, which include welfare agencies, police departments and public schools.

The objective of the programme is to launch a pre-emptive effort to steer the at-risk children away from crime, substance abuse and suicide. The programme curriculum also attempts to build the self-esteem of student participants as well as promoting family values and helping the children excel in their academic studies.

The peer-to-peer group system is praised for being effective in breaking the cycle of decline among youth who have been exposed to harsh conditions. The group system was actually devised by students who thought it would be a more effective method than having a traditional one-on-one counselling session.

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